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tion varied from 8 to 10 days. Some of the animals manifested a
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the mother had partaken of alcohol. In each case where
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power in legs diminished in S per cent ; complete paraplegia in 1 '6 per cent ;
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' Cenlratbl. f. die Gremgeb. der med, und Chir., Jena, August 30, 1811,
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means can be satisfactorily applied, but beyond which general
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service function, formulation of radiopharmaceutical products, and associated
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children ; 2. its thorough solution in imaccustomed hands is not
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the black drop, and an aqueous solution of opium are well suited to the
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no abnormal intracranial tension. I propose to include the name and
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treatise he has published on the former disease, he has shown that
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2668, Boise 83701 . (208) 344-7888. Annual Meeting:
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the principal point of location of the influenza germs, it was advised,
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right auricle. The foramen ovale, the size of a lead-
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tube. He had felt convinced that the antiseptic system, which admitted of the
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by Billard. These and other French writers regard the latter as a special
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words. The certificate one gets at that time has nothing
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vessels were nicked as they passed over the edge, but there was no spon-
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tightly tamped behind it, and all discharged simultaneously, it is
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(12) Text-fig. 10). From the same series as the last. A veiy large
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brain-substance was not at all softened, and contained no oily
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great solidity and permanence of the plastic operation.
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have been received into the Marsden Home, chiefly (though not entirely)
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If a cough were always present with the accession of fever, little
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pleural and abdominal cavities contained a > acute morbus Brightii ; and secondly, the
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have formed, and led to fatal hemorrhage. Perforation, w^hich only