or, finally, do we have to do with an approximately simultaneous degenera-

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learns gradually to change his original uncontrolled and unregulated move-

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cases of initial tabes can still stand fairly well with the eyes open, but com-

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who do not possess its license must present some other medical

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of the hospital, the techniques of physical, psychiatric, and laboratory diagnosis, the

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Chemistry, Practical Pharmacy, Physiology, Hospital Attendance.

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swelling, as of the parotid, or syphilis, lies at the bottom of the trouble. The

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same increase of sexual desire gives rise to the very frequent and often ex-

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sclerotic changes in the vessels (see page 454). The pain is not equally

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are successful if the local goverroient vetprlnarlans assist and cooperate with U.S.

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John Burdett Steward, M.D. Cantab., n. I855. Southall,

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All the other neuralgias in the distribution of the cervical plexus are rare.

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but much more frequent in women. In his cases the trouble seemed to be not

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the regulations for their medical degrees are identical in all essential

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Candidates for the Doctorale are required to produce the follow-

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neuralgic, and parassthesige in certain root territories. There may also be

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(Oppenheim), as the anatomical cause of all these symptoms.

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easy as the diagnosis of neurasthenia is for the experienced practitioner in

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stances, even committed suicide as a result of severe and incurable neuralgia.

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tnera are great ntwbers of hookworns present, a large proportion of the host's blood will

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Epileptic Idiocy. — This form, as the name implies, is attended with fre-

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2. To third yea/r'a students who have passed the First Professional

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Cliniedl prizes, — ^The following are given annually : Seni(»f Medical

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space to warm the product. Vats or tanks may also be constructed with tubes or coils

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for lectures required by the Licensing Bodies (fifty guineas) amount together

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eral morbid conditions which undoubtedly may stand in close relation to gout.

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Sir, — I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of yonr letter, requesting

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Theoretical Discussion of the Nature of Diabetes. — The essential fact which

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Agnes Sharp, A.M., Clinical Instructor in Abnormal Psychology.

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Exercise F: Read section 9 of the Student Text^ then complete the fgllowinq items.

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have filled the office of in-patients' dresser for nine months at least,

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we obtain from the outset, as we have repeatedly proved, smaller numbers

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4. Students must provide the necessary instruments for stopping teeth ; and

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proper to regard the disease of the pancreas as the special cause of diabetes in

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lymphatic apparatus are also diseased. According to our experience the tonsils

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Elementary Anatomy and Botany ; the second on Advanced Anatomy,

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Rehm, Warren Stacy, a, w, sp, Chicago. Ph.D. (U. of Texas) '35.

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From this document it appears that there are 364 universities and

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we know, the same is unfortunately often enough the case in non-traumatic