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2 . Crouse JR, Byington P, Bond MG, et al. Pravastatin, Lipids and Atherosclerosis in the Carotid Arteries (PLAC II). Am J Cardiol. 1 995;75:455-459.
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fortnight for four or five months afterwards. In November,
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she became acutely maniacal, and remained so for a Aveek, when she had
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cent portions of the duodenum, was excised with curved scis-
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association of trench fever with BicTiettsia was not recognized till
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of good come from an exclusive milk diet. This must be kept up until
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This confirms the new belief that arsenic is in all living cells
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Pathological Exhibit held at the clinic of the Lakeside Hospital, Saturday
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disease arrested for many j'cars after the symptoms had gone so far as
through the means of medical aid, administered in proper
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2. Tlie enveloping and tlic rubbing of tbe body by means
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sound in the bladder and a finger in the rectum made a careful dissection
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active circulating power to the capillaries as well as to the small arte-
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Lajlly, We find the anointing of the body with oil, as one of
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ing and prevent excess in its application, an error in
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ganglia, and the time has been so short, that it is impossible to say what the
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Microscopic examination reveals the presence of pus corpuscles in
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simple contusion of the head, there seem to be, nevertheless, authen-
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Washing out through a single tube, as has been done in most of the
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when sodium nitroprusside and potassium hydrate are first added and acetic
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and the treatment recommended is perfectly in accordance with
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Ulceration of the Eectum. — Ulceration extending above, or entirely
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ha^ Wn used up by the acetone bodies. The estimation of the degree of ace-
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gies. We believe not, though, as the last volume (the