large number. It is on the American plan. Other smaller
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the mouth by extension of tinea circinata from the face.
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the " Grippe," which tended to alarm the public, began
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condensed milk to a meat broth : i lb. of lean beef is boiled in i quart
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hydrochlorate is most soluble, the sulphate next, and the tannate
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tion of the fingers; in, fact, it is scarcely disfiguring at
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disease is usually ushered in with repeated fits of chilliness or a distinct
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'0 Howard A. Lothorp : Hernia Epigastrica and Fatty Tumors in
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pretty well preclude the use of the ophthalmoscope in ordinary
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condition which is perhaps receiving less recognition each year; it is
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Malaria seems to be in some cases the forerunner of this affection-
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and internal capsule, and have been described by Elischer and Jakowenks ;
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formed and symmetrical, but the right side moved less freely than the left.
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fluid on the iliac veins, and is generally fifurly equal in the' two limbs.
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27. SAS User's Guide: Statistics, 5th Ed. Cary, NC, SAS Institute. 1985
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of the disease which are seen in early childhood are alike dependent, in
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until the disease has made such progress that the pa-
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by reason of the distribution of the vagus nerve to both heart and stomach.
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Dr. Carl Weidner (Visiting): I heartily indorse the methods spoken
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by bleeding in one epidemic, at one season, and in one district, does not author-
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a week at a time. On January 5, 1922, I began to administer
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The cause of death seems a mystery, as the patient said of himself that he " ate
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Cliem.-Ztg , "Wien, 1899, ii, 122-124.— Kossel (A.) & Krii-
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little can be accompli^ed with the bone and muscle be-
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increasingly large fees follows, or they have recourse to many
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quantity of the salt, I find it to be reddish grey in-
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is a valuable addition to blood-diagnosis, it should at the same time
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not feel that this short paper has been in vain. I have not dealt with the
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spiration, which are carried safely through by a grand systemic
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example, in the neighborhood of a pneumonitis, an infarction, abscess, tumor,