view of the limited and inadequate information at hand, no precise tabulation

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object of interest to those whom he was addressing, and the

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Pathologist's Report. — Dr. Jeffreys said that the

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the pharyngeal mucous membrane ; in another, the cu-

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proven successful in this respect The curve of the scis-

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fiable by a red heat under the blowpipe, they emit ammoniacal vapor

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equal. Faecal accumulations occur oftenest in females, three

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cally opposed to those of several other authors. Thus with

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Porel in Switzerland; Heidenhain, Binswanger and Moll

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The present occasion does not permit me to engage in a

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whether this inflammation is the cause of the new formation and dila-

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year old. It may be given with Cochineal as follows:

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consin. It covers a wide range of health problems, including arthritis,

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.tion (R) is equal to T cos B\ and the moment of this

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and thinks with that juftnefs and profound accuracy which de-

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level in the middle tliirds, and of these six were greenstick. One

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but it is liable to be considerably prolonged by troublesome ulcer-

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urban areas drew people from the depressed countryside,

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On this ground Buschke expresses the following opinions:

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The report bears the date of December 1, 1861, and hence covers a period of

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anaesthesia, and showed that, unlike almost all other conditions which

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The two great virtues we try to inculcate are regularity and

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her, alarmingly prostrate both in body and mind, vomiting

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imn^ and the preparations of zinc. After a bronchitis, however, has be-

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and suffering. It brings you into close relation with husband, wife, and child, and

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twenty-three cases of ileo-vaginal and sixteen of in-

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to decide which gland is primarily at fault and to keep a very straight

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Social Security— F. M. Houser, M.D., Chairman, Cherryville; Paul H.

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lack of sympathy towards the afflicted, would be manifest injustice.

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not within the same curtilage, was vested in and repairable by the