someone else the responsibility of attacking unpleasant duties.

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In the third form there is disturbance of the digestive apparatus as well as

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Pregnancy in Uterus Bilocularis; Porro Operation; Recovery.

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On Anatomy of the Anus. By Bert. B. Stroud, of Ithaca, N. Y. Re-

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lesion. Von Bergmann^ says : The escape of brain-substance from the

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these are brought in contact with wire or silk sutures. Colpo-perineorrhaphy

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it became absolutely essential that women of a better grade should be

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areas, cheesy pneumonic, and spread of military tubercles.

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and larynx ; the tuberculous lung and spleen of a guinea-pig after inoc-

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diseases of the lungs. It is difficult to distinguish these cases from genuine

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from the 22d to the 27th of September, Dr. G. Bianchetti related his experi-

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or from simple paralysis of the gut. In these cases he stops everything by

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flow of grumous blood and glairy fluid from the open wound. The pa-

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influenza is rarely found and is with difficulty grown on artificial

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thing several times would carry great weight, and yet Mathews

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its fatal wound, having, so to speak, literally reconstructed anatomically

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Wi. Abscess opened and contents completely evacuated. Motions at

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per, the bottle being placed on the floor at the side of the patient's bed.

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mal. Gastric contents : Free HCL., 8 c. c. ; loosely combined, 14 c. c. ; or-

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serum and multiple incisions for free drainage, survived. In

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molecules of the salicylate of sodium. It is a grayish-white powder, very

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adapted facts to fit a preconceived theory based largely upon imagina-

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done. In this region anomalies are very numerous. In this par-

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chorea which appeared in the Journal for December last, I found that

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sents the appearance of a clique with no mass behind it.

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sores situated on the female genitals has led many to overrate

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health and no functional disturbances; three cases, or 50 per cent.,

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one-third inches, the child living, with an abnormally large, hard head ; labor

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2. Peritonitis with ascites, in which incision is indicated, especially in sac-

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physiology of nerves, on the changes in nerves after section, their degen-

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hensible discussion of embryology, the doctrines of evolution, comparative

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confronts every form of organized society including the profes-