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the same quantity may be required every two hours, or more frequently.

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mineral water in the treatment of gout depends greatly on the main object

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of which and the occasional use of castor-oil, the large bowel must be

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sciousness may be maintained to the end ; generally the patient falls into

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constituting the most urgent symptoms ; or such may supervene in the

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Isolation of the sick, the protection of the body by clothes, the cover-

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ether, or ammonia should be administered, and the patient otherwise

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not only in Fiance, but all over Europe, died in vaft

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perhaps, " kinked " or snapped in two when sharply bent by the fingers.

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common-sense matters ought to be rules with all residents in such districts.

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and the membrane thus extended re-adls on the grafs

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gummata are of various shapes and sizes, and may be flat, fusiform,

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Diet in gout. — A rational mixed diet is the one best suited for gouty

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Etiology and morbid anatomy. — Primary carcinoma of the

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happily, too prevalent. Such is his reafon for inferting it

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which, creating a difcharge in the difeafed glands,

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of acute gout, shows no signs of poisoning, although the fluids of his body

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fact, for the time being, they become exterminated in the district. The

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the utility of which must be gauged by the particular case in question.

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stands erect, with feet together and hands by the side. The arms are then

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dioxid into the ^•enous channels for elimination through the lungs. In

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throat, and a metallic taste in the mouth. These are followed shortly after-

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nuing on to the end of the foot or toe ■ becaufe by

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child gradually grows thin, pale, and hollow-eyed. There is clearly

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Excessive vomiting and retching may also be treated by the hypo-

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bracing climate, tonics, cod-liver oil, and everything which may improve

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a year from the time of onset of the disease. Many of these cases had

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"functional paralytic conditions of a hysterical nature." It

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frequently than men, is that the habit of tight-lacing damages the gall

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not under exact control ; the two together may just push him over

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ively consist of such epithelioid cells derived from the fixed cells. A little

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diabetic patients has often revealed extensive changes in the pancreas ; and

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- Very probably, in acute attacks of enteritis and gastro-enteritis,

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fixes them in the iliac fossa around the diseased appendix. The size and

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is the greatest of fighting beasts because he has the greatest intelligence.

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(i) Lib. I. c, ix. (k) G^ntlifftans Farriejy, />. 17c.

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pastilles, etc., containing -^ gr. in each, two or three of which may

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different types — the local adhesive and the proliferative.

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good fucculent grafs, fit for the dam and her young

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poisonous toxalbumoses are formed in the earliest stages of putrefaction by

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case of gastric insufficiency there is a general diminution of the functions

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of the firfl, which died on the third day of the dif-

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The final result of an excess of food or of food accessories on the stomach,

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render the inhabitants fubjedl: to intermitting putrid

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that a chemical examination of the urine for arsenic may at once clinch

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p)ortal blood, would injure the liver cells and so lead to fatty changes;