Fever is soon noted. It is usually of moderate intensity and intermittent
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the clinical history and a direct examination of the bladder than
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ille morbus, quo tot amicorum affectos viJeo (quod ad nos viros
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The President appointed the following meml>ers as
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debt to Dr. Bockus by founding in his honor The Bockus Research
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bility, from the slightest uneasiness to the most acute suf-
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vated, may need special attention. The anemia is often benefited by
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raft-like masses (Culex). In a day or two, under ordinary conditions,
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as Meglin^s pills and all other remedies that are used in prosopalgia.
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right to vote. Nine of its members shall constitute
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To do this,yoii must bore a hole above the acetabulum
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the result, save that with hydrogen the exhaustion need not
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of some interest : — A child, aged 10, in bed six
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(12) Text-fig. 10). From the same series as the last. A veiy large
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provision for pauper lunatics. Possibly a resolution
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pressure on the thorax and ribs, the same quantities being inhaled on removing
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yet doubtless complete protection is the rule; but it is
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Diagnostic criteria for pulmonary disease caused by
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Differential Diagnosis. — Hypertrophic cervical pachymeningitis may be
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term inflammation, are led into false conclusions, and sometimes
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profits of the Syndicate! Awful! is m Loudon doing post-graduate work.
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the Italian Forlanini, and not to the Germans, who since 1906, have
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troubles. He is looking especially for them and has his mind on
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lighter vein may be instanced a paper by Dr. J. B. Cowan,
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die Augen. Klin. Monatsbl. f. Augeuh., Stutt;:., 1887,
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er greatly as causative factors. The subjects of mova-
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Boswell, is there something peculiarly “medical” in the
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request he wrote two works: The True Cause and Account of
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reached three times its natural size, became painful, and an
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transferred to water, larvae hatch out in a minute or two and the
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After a feeling of illness, giddiness, nausea, or vomiting, with
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even though on the occurrence of any given case, the Jadge considers
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single instance. The sacrifice of life, health, and
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Hygiene, Royer Col lard. — Surgical operations and apparatus, (on
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severe cases it is extremely liable to pass into coma and
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20. Bone marrow (macerated) + 0.1 1:500 000 dil. culture +
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