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Hyperphoria K. 1°, esophoria 2° to 3°, abduction 8°.
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tion and organic di.sease of the apparently affected part.
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it is generally confined to the lower limbs. Peripheral neuritis sometimes
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tion. rrincetoiiContiib. Fsychol., Princeton, 1895-6, i, 145-
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tonsils or the squeezing of large tonsils in the act of swallowing
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without leaving traces ; in other cases it is accompanied by hemiplegia,
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ing patient complained of a restless night, severe pain
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practically restored to health ; and, even if complete restorsticm be not
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asserting that the child had dropped from her in a lane. She wrapped it up, and
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Prognosis. — The course of tuberculous laryngitis is, as a rule, in the
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and general paralysis ; and probably also gout and its Taiions consequences.
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