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however, as it may, the eastern and southern portions of the city present some
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we may refer our readers to the remarks and calculations
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renergic blockade which may theoretically result in increased penile inflow,
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i^tepheiisoii (S.) A record of the infectious diseases
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use of natural mineral waters aids in the renal circulation and keeps the kid-
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of and facility of access to public establishments for the re-
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Italian boy, Carlo Ferrari, was destroyed many years since, by Bishop and
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operations, would be identical to AD-I factors shown for the
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ular movement, a few larger fatty bodies scattered separately' or in groups,
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eye opposite to the injured hemisphere. When the sound
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sible diffusion. He reports a case where or if acting for the defendant, one has giv-
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pox cases had been met with the reply in many instances that
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lume being addressed to Mr. Lawrence. We are told in the
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dressing forceps, the ligament drawn out to the necessary length, an
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aigainat the use of stimulants and milk in "typhoid fever," and
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only a slight amoimt of foreign substances enters the peritonseum, the
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the matter of plain, nourishing food, and time in which to eat
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obsolete that it might well have been omitted altogether. We
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phen, Anabasis, Books I. and II. ; Grammatical Questions.
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Half-a-grain of njorphia was ordered every four liours till she
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of the inguinal laceration, and then with a double-edged
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•Abstract was read before the Toronto Medical Societv.
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mendations to the Board, but it is to be hoped that some
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Vesicles.— J. R. Eastman thus describes an instruiiKiil he
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Therapeutics. — The treatment of diabetes mellitus chiefly
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cannot be denied; but the methods employed in the majority of cases thus far
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provement and for increase in tiie value of its n--
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the eiFect of which on animals of very different descriptions, as