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Swallow {Lancet, 1889), one by Senn, and one by Ho^h
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of its use demonstrated. Four hundred patients at the Royal
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4. Crossley K, Irvine P, Warren JB, Lee BK, Mead K: Tetanus and I
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ritis, is considered as denoting the presence of air in the cavity of the
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In the cataleptic stage the patient assumes a statuesque attitude,
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In the prosecution of his studies, while at school,
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The Excretion of Water. The most easily understood function of the
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Society, Mass. Medical, when incorporated and organized 246
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kidneys, and lungs. The state of the lung deserved settled'
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of Anatomy does it concern the Physician to be best acquainted
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ary manner, and a sharp definition of the nature of the cases