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Ovarian cysts of sufficient size to distend the whole abdomen are the most

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The result of the vote having been announced, considerable warmth of

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time specific duties will be assigned to the various

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The presence of albuminuric retinitis affects the prognosis unfavorably.

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question of remedies will be dealt with in their proper place.

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and soon afterwards I had an intimation that Mr. Wakley wished

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nish a supply of active lymph. Dr. Loir suggests that the

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quently in males and the lower classes than in females and the higher

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give the best results, and in which what we do will be

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segments of a tapeworm at intervals for at least three years. There

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physician is compelled to advise the continued use of such

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tion forthecureof vaginal fistula. Am. j. Sure. & Gynec,

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treatment of the sloughing ulcer from bedsore is the tinetura benzoini

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trachea, primary bronchi, and smaller bronchi. As the membrane ex-

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