the introduction of modern medical science into Egypt
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that they were listening to a man of international reputation
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pulse noted, and the blood-letting maintained until there is
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general or too vague to give us accurate generic and fpecific
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form of the parasite lays eggs in the alimentary canal of its
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centre are apparent. The height of the temperature, if this be
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That there was a great advantage if, in a countr}- which em-
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cussion-note over one and the same organ, and the conclusions to be
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bility of the profession is increased, rather than dimin-
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absorbed material and favors bacterial multiplication. A strict regulation
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mous element of diagnosis. It may be assumed to arise
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The phenomenon of Osmosis, forms as it were, an essential and primary act or coth
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interest both the professional and lay public in the
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ulceration, but the surface studded with minute yellowish
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in the digestive tract, as little as inflammation of the kidney, belong to
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ments for the resident medical officers ; a hall, library, and museum
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1 liter of water, to which are added 10 cc. of ammonium hydroxid, and the whole is
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ment. In especially obstinate eases we may have recourse to tie
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island of Gozo, and it is hoped that thereby the disease may
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had been in perfect order. For this he was treated by
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best extract of malt to convert starch, this is certainly an excellent showing,
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The sick-list averaged twenty-four, consisting principally of
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rectal insufflation of air to lie behind but intimately associated
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were breast-fed, and in 10 of these it was a complication
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the best sources of which are fish oils, animal fats, except lard, milk,
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weeks ago on the latest development of his cutaneous tuberculin
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thrix and that in a number of cases actinomyces was found, which
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adsorption takes place. The movement of the liquid produces a negative
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mixed one, due, partly, to the beneficial effects of
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pains became terrible within the sphere of the crural nerve just before an
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cardiac disease — ^aside from the points already brought
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shifting ; a chorea-like affection of the muscles, generally those of the fore-
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dlujg. publique et de m&i. Ugale. Paris, 1854. — 21. Pravaz. "N'ote sur la
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is always much larger than it appears to be at first sight. If the edges are
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English academic education, have made respectable attain-