the absorption of pus was supposed to take place without disintegration

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■ Articles must be 3,000 to 4,000 words in length. The manuscript must be identified as submitted for

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sequently, if the foreign substance has got into the

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in literature and numerous personal observations. He

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Surer Off for Chief Sup Div Air Surg Off, 5 May 43.

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tain cases of "neglected eyes", Ann, Opbtb, &. Otol., St.

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Chiarleoni, Malaria e funzioni della riproduzione nella donna Milano Vallardi.

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liver, was in deep collapse, pulseless, with rice-water purging,

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very small, weighing, I suppose, about three drams. This is the second

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bly played by the vasomotor nerves he determined to try the effect of ergot

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direction downwards in the course of the inguinal canal, while

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through the middle of their base with a curved needle and double liga-

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Guard of the United States, in Chicago, August 8th ;

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for most cases of chorea continue much longer than this, at all

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she had had no opium the preceding night, she slept better than usual.

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a most marvelous stimulating power in the process of repair. After iodoform

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all should be made before the plastic operation is attempted,

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The changes which these glands undergo are of the following

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by Phosphorus. — Casali on Ptomaines. — Tests for Alkaloids. —

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the head is above the standard size, or that the inlet is more contracted than

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probably would be of no benefit as regarded the ataxia, and per-

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volatile body, sinapiue sulphate (CieHojNOjHjSOJ, and glu-

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fifth decade 1896 to 1905 with this period of 40 to 50 years

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progresses, symptoms of a very serious character arise, such as inanition

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« made to classify it according to the etiolog}*, but here again we grope

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In other places, the breaking down of the liver epithelia pro-

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Pericarditis, also, when anatomically present often enough gives

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cavity. The anterior wound can then be completely united with deep

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The governor and the legislature did not address the

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The fatty envelope cleaves the firmest to the ends of the kidney, and one must