writer communicated with the Secretary of the New York
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am told to kick it, and if I know at the same time the
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Poisonous doses of aconite cause loss of motor power
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65, London, 1774, also « Orfila,' vol. 1, p. 611.) Accidents of this , kmc *
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The concluding section, devoted to fevers and other general diseases, is
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the hepatic region and the tenderness increase ; movements, especially
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and in many other ways, its application has been expanded to
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we think of cases as symptoms of a lesser epidemic, so may we think of
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and observations in this line. Thus, when the fifth nerve had
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testimonial drawn up in his favor by some of the most prominent
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affection, whether seen by the unassisted eye or by means of the
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each heart achieved normal sinus rhythm with QRS com-
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13. — Of 2u6 cases of typhoid fever investigated, 28 were
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are necessary to rule out latent ligamentous instability.
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delicate organism, might call forth a smile if tears
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felty germander, or hulwort, T. polium is a small branched shrublet
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value, in a diagnostic view, than was formerly supposed, since the knowledge
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indications of subsequent developments but suggestions for
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*" Statistics of Disease in Munich from May, 1841, to July, 1843, Read at a
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sound, while his hygienic deductions from those principles are correct and
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Located on the highest point of the famous long-leaf pine region of North
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not represent an automatic cardiac centre, as has previ-
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(1883-1891) there was reported from that country an
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stuff which is so often to be met with at dinner tables. The
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and persisting long after the vascular effects have passed away. Other
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press the great probability of the death being due either to suicide
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the other two forms, upon the pubes, and into the thyroid foramen, are
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the phenomena present the characteristicsof a violent psychical
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as engender such doubt, it devolves upon the State to remove it, and to establish
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tholomew's Hospital. A man was brought in, having symptoms of strangu-