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We received the foUomng letter last week too late for publi-
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(l.) Statistics cannot be relied upon in rating the mortality in cases
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common in the cart-horse. Navicular disease, so rife amongst
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been no recurrence. Finding neither pus nor appendix,
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The President (Dr. Amand Eouth) bad seen a case similar to that
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impotent, reserving him at the same time for pederastic pur-
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fectly crystalline forms are sometimes present, such as oval disks with
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attack was identical to those from which he had pre-
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• A 44-year-old man had malignant melanoma, confirmed by a limited
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death in all cases, and especially for detecting them
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with nitric acid or the galvanic cautery. One application is sufficient
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cerned. Of course the Profession is greatly dependent for
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face, and by the incorporation of the Fallopian tube and the
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anaesthesia, and showed that, unlike almost all other conditions which
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the predicted annual savings would exceed $167 million
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urine was expelled with considerable force quite three
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action. As a rule the holds of wooden vessels, in which sulphur fumiga-
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It was very significant that the depression had dis-
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there were no other children in the room in which she bad
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different families. Inherited anatomical peculiarities, as congenital nar-
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juice or broths to the diet list of the typhoid fever patient. "What-
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founded with that of the kidney pelvis ; or the bulge, if
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satisfactory answers before the aggressor is rendered responsible for deat
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Weber, Agnew, Wecker and Landolt, Prince, and others.
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is annually a pretty general attack of scarlatina in this district, but
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Bovb.— At Bro&klyn, March 17th, Dr. Samuel Boyd, Healtb
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