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here. These, especially if taken strong and late at night, are in most

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scribes gentle laxatives daily, and mild alteratives

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the disease the patient is said to have an attack or fit of gout. The

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plates of the palate or superior maxillary bones is attributed by

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persons and the subjects of fever, anaemia, and gout are therefore peculiarly

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While on his usual diet, 14 per cent, of his heat production was

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pervious. The fourth ventricle was twice its ordinary size. Immediately

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edly severe, and whenever in a mild case the symptoms are unrelieved at the

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eight days, usually before the fifth day. The pneumonic type is fatal

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that both the decinormal iodin solution and the sodium thiosulphate

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cers and crew, 8 fell sick at intervals varying from eighteen to thirty-

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poor, whose cases are quite unsuitable for treatment in a

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to find the nature of the influence of the carbohydrate molecule

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siderable length, it is possible that the ferments, which are

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end of two hours, rather more than one ounce of carbonic acid


ing, but is confined to the parlor3 and chambers, especially on the highest

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the Asiatic Society of Bengal. The manuscript, which

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S/ 2 Massive Surgical Air Embolism Treated with Brief Recompression

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From the few cases in which Dr. Park had seen anti-

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before breakfast. It made rather a thick infusion, owing to the pow-

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bustion or of sensible motion. In like manner, we know not

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I cavities which must have been there two or more days before

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the celebration of the Jenner Centennial on May 14,

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Medical Association stands for, what it has done for physicians

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children that should approach nearer to nature's nourish-

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prisoner's mental condition would be allowed by the court, but

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disease. To this statement, however, an exception should be made

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being under the influence of ether, the operation was begun