five to six hundred grains daily. Urea is abnormally increas^ecl in amount
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cyanosis is more marked. The breathing is labored in bronchitis, and pant-
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ozaena progress rapidly, eroding the soft tissues, denuding the turbinated
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1. Swelling. The swelling may be such as to interfere with the set-
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that the leukocytes are attracted by certain chemical substances (posi-
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circumstances under which it is possible for this aflPection to pass unrecog-
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first, from obstruction. Vomiting from this cause comes on comparatively
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empty for some hours, and no fluid should be taken for some time after
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pulse is 98, by the end of the first week it will have reached 100, or 110
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beneath them suppuration of the papillary layer continues. The true skin
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derneath the diiditheritic exudation, there may be a suppurative process
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•There is proliferation of epithelial nuclei in the glomeruli, distending them to twice their size,
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turbid, and by the eighth day the pustules become fully formed, and the
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may be uniform throughout the entire organ, or it may occur in ir-
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become dry, cracked and fissured. As the sordes are removed from the
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to the presence of a dead limb, which may sometimes occur, the limb
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covering is sometimes dense and binds the wart in a solid mass.
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while in typhoid fever, either ulceration of the intestinal glands will be pres-
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may be introduced, which will determine the character of the con-
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comata.) The disease occurs more often in the tonsil than any place
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Prodromata may occur ; but headache, anorexia, lassitude and pains in
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soon after an intestinal hemorrhage the intestinal mucous membrane may
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A plaster cast which encloses a rod by which the member