Croton Oil (121), or Kaladana (187). If the patient
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were of more practical value than all that these other men
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foot was rather feebler than that in the right ; but Dr. P. could detect no differ-
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ventricle. But this alone does not seem to satisfactorily
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urban areas drew people from the depressed countryside,
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(a) Gerhard Op. Cit., \U ; Swett. Op. Cit., 105-C ; Watson, Op. Cit. 6C7 • Won,l
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physician to either examine cultures or have them examined in every
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maximum. It may present itself as a monoplegia, hemiplegia,
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also paralyses, the intensity of which was in corre-
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* Read before the Medical Society of tlie State of New York at its
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' Vide Pieal-Eucyklopadie, Wion und Leipzig, 1880, art. Athetose.
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practice of physic in that celebrated seat of learn-
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jiroduced with jeiiuirity, wrote a furious article against
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or general septic infections, septicopyemia, septicemia, pyemia, diffuse
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for well doing. Many of our larger societies each year
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treated in past years by the ordinary methods, which
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reply to questions, and gave no indication of taking the least notice of
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ation of this time, or that he had even prolonged life.
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epidemic influenza and pneumonia in 1918 and acute infectious
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tion, made in the usual way, is immersed for from one-half minute to two
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heart, dyspnoea, great frequency of pulse, and a distinct bellows-
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for God Himself (p. 23, 29,) is ever extending thia invitation to "every
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which, besides being markedly hemorrhagic and hyperemic, were
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is likely that she will hare to wear the tube permanently.
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in labor, asked : " What is the danger?" I told her not so much as if
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Her Majesty’s Public Record Office. Edited by Markham John
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All the localities in Europe affected by influenza were densely popu-
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The signs which have been here enumerated are found only when no delay