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Internat. Clin., Phila., 1897, 7. s., ii, 246-254, 3 pi.— Wick-
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on us to take it into consideration, and that the time is
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tion has been advanced. The author gives a sufficient view
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gitis. — Kohl {Correspo7idi>iiz Blatt fur Schweizer Aerzte, Oc-
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and paragraphed, and the text throughout, with an occasional ex-
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cides. But where there are coarser hairs, the parasite may have pene-
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deductions from them secure, and the correspondence of
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covery might follow a local tuberculosis, sometimes spontane-
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the resisting power of the pulmonary tissue has been prejudiced by pre-
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selves, perhaps the finger being instinctively held in an
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willingness to pay, due to a feeling of independence,
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practitioners must be controlled and limited entirely in their
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nurse should do so. At the age of nine or ten months
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the neuroses which give rise to cardiac overaction, especially exophthalmic
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in any manner to notice it: her head was then placed over a tub, and
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it is generally confined to the lower limbs. Peripheral neuritis sometimes
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failure to appear in the muscle tissue, on repeated
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be used in the formation of living material. Ultimately,
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in the equally complex co-relations of the human body, so
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stimulant effect of alcohol on brain, heart, or muscle, if existiug
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at a later period. There is one point in the bacteriological aspect of the
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panied by very frequent contractions of the elbow and
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ined in the region of the genito-urinary bodies, as for instance, the sub-
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bly from cancer of the vertebrae and of the dura mater ; compres-
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affection, whether seen by the unassisted eye or by means of the
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Definition. — It is difiScult, if not impossible, so to define epilepsy as
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and a school-house near it was also destroyed, burying
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the child's life, the operator can make his arrangements for a
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pain; tlic cliild cries out suddenly, and then relieves
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remains, how to meet the forces that are seething within the rapidly
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Syphilitic Arteritis. — Amongst the vascular lesions capable of causing