doctor at age 17.... Blamurali Ambati received his M.D.

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by the constant and declared purpose to separate and set

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resisted all attempts to annssthetize him in the ordinary

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ninety persons having been atfected in all, but none fatally.

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and confusing " Medical witnesses. Though this system

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fession ; and it is with this feeling that we write these lines on the use

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friends in that State. We doubt not, that the communication con-

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The Iowa Board of Health must know that neither the microscopic

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experiment the results seem to us of suflScient interest to warrant continuing

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mentioned that local anaesthesia could be much more

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action, and insure, as is unquestionably the case In the

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quantities, and upon the whole, to the extent of from two to three

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but of chronic phthisis, or any other disease which causes contraction and

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drinks, and iced-water or ice is taken with great avidity.

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companies. In addition to Mr. Thompson's current responsibilities, he serves as chief investment advisor

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of the pulse, always indicate great peril. In relapsing fever it

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There were evidences of histological changes, and he men-

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informed by her nursetender that she was in the habit of

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crisis ; if this area is large and extending, then the fullness of the

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immobile. The skin could not be pinched up. The face was only slightly


the severe pains in his head, neck, abdomen and legs, headache and

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very brittle. The condition was not malif^nant, and he believed good results

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and conscientious, whom the boys nicknamed Trux, or Grim, notic-

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matter left in the eye, and thus renders iritis much more

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ment of certain fractures of the upper extremity, that usually

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eyes his patient like a hungry man eyes a fowl lie is on <he point of

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Case II. — Male, thirteen years of age, wounded by a

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