proliferating, and the neuroglial fibers increased in density

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Physiology of Plants and Pharmacy, in relation to Therapeutics and


nitrogen of the tissue. This figure is somewhat higher than we

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services of 1) immunology, which permitted transplan-

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' Vide Pieal-Eucyklopadie, Wion und Leipzig, 1880, art. Athetose.

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ment and decay which characterized the large tubercles on the legs.

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si(m for normal schools which allows the expenditure of the funds

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(Jirc, Lond., 1880, ii. s., xlii, 350-352. . The periph-

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to dghty-one druggists to be compounded. I1ie results were

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5. The presence of bacteria has been demonstrated in

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Blood-Coloring Matter free from Iron. — MM. Paque-

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such reappearance of the disease in another quarter does not quickly

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natorum the subject of a series of observations, especially studying the rela-

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similar investigation was carried out by Anton ^^ in thirty-five cases.

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merely assumed, whenever the urine did not clear entirely on boiling

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can readily see from the figures shown in this section. The syphilitic skull is

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ment, I have not been able to arrest the glycosuria. In

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Hence, at neither is there provided practically any separate

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<:onsists in an increase of the constitutional symptoms, but principally in

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My experience with Protonuclein has been limited, but in all the cases in