.apse. The symptoms, however, generally progress steadily to a fatal ter-
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lege, and the last in this institution. (Five years
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Of batch A seven were positive ; one was negative. Ot the seven
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1841 An Address by the President, Dr. Silas Fuller.
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pollution may come from the wastes of individual houses, as at Ply-
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Intra-uterine hydrocephahia. Ann. Gyn:ce. & Piediat.,
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liowever, at present only to do with the former, which we
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of controlling the albuminuria, in the dose of 2 to 4 gm. a day.
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the Pall-Mall Gazette, stated — what all anatomical terminology
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nancy in the beginning is always tubal, 1 think is well proved, from the
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views of his proper dignity as a member of the medical profession.
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the prostate. In so doing, at one point a rent was made in
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2. The 'phijlogcnciic origin, or origin of the species. To assume that
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work ordinarily performed in Broca's convolution. This instance
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surface, fundus, and the posterior surface of the uterus,
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scribing autopsies in which arrow shafts had "plugged
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including the cases of Mr. Nunn and Mr. Harper ; in 8 the cure occurred after
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of the disease, indicate a loss of power in the heart,
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phenomena: (1) Pain, commonly described as agonizing, referred to the
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•with some powder) always produces fresh quantities of
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all of whom were positive as to the date above mentioned.
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I a very large number of cases, the figures show that
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were not pure, but contained quite a variety of bac-
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feared even after massive doses because the x-raying is entirely localized to a
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of the feet which the patient thought congenital. Photo-
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twelve hours. Just as much or more water will pass alongside of
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vergence (see below under y) is lost; whereas this is not the case when the loss of
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in proportion to the population ; and also that rumours and other causes
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the urine, chemical, bacteriological and microscopical examina-
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blood for its carbon dioxid content. Such an opportunity was offered
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periods varying from six hours to four days at a time, through
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side of the supporters of the female Medical movement, and
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this case. The fat is dissolved in chloroform and subjected to the