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prove, and the general neurasthenic condition, although it did
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in ^11 its bearings, as unique. It is an example of polypiform prolongation of
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in existence for some days before precordial pain and breathlessness con-
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of medicine have made similar mistakes. The allopathic
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signs of the patient's attention beginning to wander. Clinical and
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have persisted with it too long, given the inexorable growth of
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intestinal diseases involving structural change, and the false
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hold. If much hseraorrhage persisted after the operation, it
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red and injected; the eyes alternately widely opened with
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to have been passed by the bowel after the administration of olive oil
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At that age they will be placed on half-pay' A rear
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of neutropenia, jaundice; periodic /noi'urX Laboratories
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in stomach or intestine ; no hpemoglobinui'ia. Some haemor-
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Though very common in North and Tropical Africa, it appears
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ing them alone to come into port safe and sound with no
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ing from 24 degrees, which is 8 degrees below freez-
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Medical News, "Habershon on the Alimentary Canal," is completed in the pre-
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decidedly ana?mic. This spa, a full account of which I have published in
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" When I saw him, he gave me this account, and then con-
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Scirrhous Tumour of the Breast : Affection of Axillary Glands.
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The data which have been cited indicate that there is no tendency
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inducing the suspension of the organic actions, which takes place
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to a brown or livid hue. The affected parts, sometimes sensible, at other
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place. The resj)iratory function is but little affected. With general bilat-
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Hemodynamic Effects . — Attenuation of the hemody-
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The President announced that the Fellows present from each county
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breathed. And cases are observed, though very rarely, which prove
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The collecting tubules are generally displaced so as to run parallel
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land, and indeed wherever surgical literature is read, for any one to doubt
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The writer noted elongated cells with a clear nucleus, with little
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the falling out of the cartilaginous capsules. The eburnated layer at the
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of these is oatmeal, which contains a large percentage