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We will not now ask, how such conclusions came to be

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not think tlie profession were dissatisfied with the

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safely be left in the hands of a judicious nurse. In

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typhous fever; and during our interview I communicated to

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must, in any essence which it may be said to possess, be itself

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chai-itable institutions ; was president of the West-

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â– were open and could not be tied, it would be neces- | scales in the squamous diseases being an instance,

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rapidly loses its identity, and is absorbed. Except

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and repeatedlj"-, so as to arouse, if possible, every

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The Lace-Suture for curing Perforations in the anterior

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should be, ' The devil was a lawyer from the begin-

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able for the extremely acute course it had i-un, cUffer-

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it is requu-ed, until the time has come when, by the

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will ever remain a memorial of his indomitable mental

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increases the zeal of the student ; and, under all cir-

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lants, and cod-liver oil with steel, will be the proper

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operate later than eight minutes after the mother's

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to which such direction shall have been given, to ap-

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narily accepted one, that there exists in the system a

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the case than this. The thi-ee next cases of labour

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by the Academy of Sciences on Pellagra, speaks thus

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1;24 ; chloride of magnesium, 10-42 ; chloride of cal-

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uniform direction. Four-fifths of the chronic cases, in

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I say a few words as to the way in which "this pro-

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diagnosis of typhus and typhoid fever ; the causes of

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ments brought forward by each party, and having done so, and

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five to ten gi-ains. As an outward application, the

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The success of this union of the graduates and mem-

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earlier than at the end of three months, and seldom

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alcohol, except in the later period of fevers ; but he

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before professional men, and they cannot lint condemn

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tor, they must be pretty well skilled in his system of

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quod res hoc modo se habeat, fere tantum assurgit ;

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recent deaths indicate this gTeat change. Dr. Risdon

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and 2, with epileptic attacks developed. The foi-mer

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disseminated through the parenchyma of the lungs : but

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for a correction (jd. 43) ; and at p. 110 gives an ex-