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Hypertrophy of one of the kidneys usually ensues when the function of
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mild and doubtful cases to the pains, inconveniences, and dangers of
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ity, as seen in adrenal tumors and the thyroid conditions
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value of hospital training ; on the contrary, it is a most de-
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obstructed ; droj)sy occurs in the legs and alidomcn, and the veins are
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and unreasonable, correspondents. Not long since we
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Prognosis. — The prognosis will vary with the cause. It
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the most marked changes are found in the capillaries and liver cells.
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range of pharmaco-d^'namics, the practically total oxidation of a moderate
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not always, nor long, been so. As we look backward some extraordinary
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seen shortening of the limb, and that cotmter-irritation really
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Outline of Field Studies Conducted With Reference to the Local
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there may' be no symptoms, but when the heart muscle begins to
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pustules apply ung. plumbi or ung. simplex. The repetition of
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in the fact that ' the fits of natural tetanus are almost always slow in
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lar, or waxy casts are generally found in the urinary sediment. There is
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Mcreted from irritation alone, without inflammation, but if the mucus be
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find him saying finally : " In fact, in many cases [italics are ours]
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process, especially in anthracosis, is confined to these tissues. There is an
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would be well if we found some means of determining at how
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The mind, receiving at first the external phenomena that
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Dow, William B., L.R.C.P.Ed., L.F.P.S.Glasg., Fifeshire
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through them, to the whole Profession of Medicine, he seems
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from ill aeration, are the most obvious blood conditions that we
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above-mentioned is so rapid that it is difficult to mark the exact
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sympathetic itself, which would without them, become exhausted.
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scirrhous pylorus ; or by specific disease situated in the head of
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the Medical Sciences from the pen of Dr. Batt, of Phcenix-
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The dazzling brightness of a carbon arc, a miniature
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reaction, to the satisfactory results of sponging as compared with the bath.
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a part of the book is thrown away by prescriptions which homoeopathy,
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muscular bundles. One rose from the long belly of the