become absorbed except the knot, which lay loose on the anterior surface of the vessel.

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the stop-cock Q and empties the blood completely from A and D. The tube F is

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Abram Stragler, of the old Colchester, successor of Abram Met-

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(1) The pessary must be of the right size and must be inserted

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other cause. Of this, however, I have met with no example, cither in books,

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epidermic cells, with the exception of the most recent, contain

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Association, in order to study this question, and devise

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Head, normal shape. There is no evidence period was able to talk consecutively for


60. Merello M, Sabe L, Teson A, Migliorelli R, Petracchi M, Leiguarda

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sion." These little square pieces of bone, which the

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so much alarm that she fainted and became hysterical, after

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discharged, followed by muco-purulent or sanguino-purulcnt matter, to get rid

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has been contributed by foreign admirers of the great

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Uses External. — Salicylic acid is employed in various

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cardia or an irregular pulse ; they belong to families in which cases

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incision, upon a grooved director, passed fairly through the contracted part, is

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percentage of healthy persons. The majority of the instances

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some degree have depended on the anteflexion ; but it did not appear that

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duration, I discredited her statement; but on subsequent further

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ment, except when urgently indicated for a definite

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A Icester Union. — Mr. Joseph Morris has resigned the Inkberrow District ;

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ing them in the mean time from those who do not react, and to comply with all

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ments, and as the season went on this became more pronounced. In-

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on the whole, rejoice that Dr. Bell has entered so fully into the argument,

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^'"'"'^' "■'''■'"•■'' '■'-■'■-"i-n .o.npli.ate a -tate ,,t e,MUu~M„n. the

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by scissors curved on the flat, so that the j)iece of skin looks like