adulterated articles is £20, with costs, and after a second offence

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but when I arrived at the foot of the stairs, I found my strength, railing

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Secretory fibers of the facial to the submaxillary and sublingual glands and of the

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follows sooner or later. The lateral ventricle on the same side is first

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slowly, the thrill is distinctly felt during the recession of the apex and not

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d. Berl. med. Gesellsch. (1878-9), 1880, x, pt. 2, 53-58.

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the left kidney was affected and entirely destroyed by a medullary can-

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At the end of ten days patient convalescent, but with well-marked paraplegia

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cent object moved near the skin in the cardiac region mani-

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tidiform mole. They ran a rapidly malignant course.

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single filament is liable to vary in length ; whilst (as Van Bene-

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or by keeping them in a closed vessel in the presence of sulphuric acid,

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Fractionation and dismemberment both give rise to spe-

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the uterus or in the pelvis. The head — the cervical spine

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classes the results are better than in others. I shall be glad to discuss these

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many of the errors of men who, like Pliny the naturalist,

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* Dr. P. E. Pye-Smith, " Guy's Hospital Reports,?' third series, vol. xvi, p. 131, " On

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in other areas. For example, coronary artery disease is also


Board of Health, sends us the following instructive

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favorably with the treatment we had prescribed for him.

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Homoeopathy it is said brought sweet peace into the nursery,

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greenish color and of a light specific gravity, and somewhat fibrous in structure.

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so much so that when I first saw her the whole right labia was chron-

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with blood, beyon-d the size to which they would have contracted

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Captain Wm. G. Spencer, assistant surgeon, is granted six

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