haemophilia, and purpura. (5) Onset of fevers, especially
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is due to pressure upon the spinal nerve roots. Similar areas of
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of special affections, as is the stet'.ioscope, the ophthal-
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fact slioiild be clearly understood. But let it not be
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ing: the analysis of observed facts. Where students are so overwhelmed with
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heretofore been good, with the exception of an attack of articular rheu-
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the battery and to the electrodes. The indifferent or larger elec-
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to 18o7, and 1864 to 1871, compiled by Tarnier, and published by
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had syphilis, nor were there any general symptoms indi-
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but because of the extreme rarity of these cases, parasitic researches,
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in number (290) was overflowing in good fellowship. Oratory was
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neys — Bright's Disease — Cinnamon — Creasote;
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champagne, etc.) and heavier malt liquors, must be eschewed, and the patient
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brain. A certain number of idiots are the ofFspiing of insane parents ;
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duced to that state for the gratification of the lovers
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(bond it for mote prompt and certain in its operation than the acetous infusion. It may
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tality amongst them. But setting aside the puerperal cases, the
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"2. The splinter was seated in the ciliary body at first or
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vaccination and inoculation, expressly for the king, and presented it to
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agreeable cooling drink in fevers. It is extremely doubtful
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impossible to retain all patients for a sufficiently long period to
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abdominal incision, etc. It also gives the differential
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workmen, 330; vaccination and tetanus, 330; trichin-
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be used in the formation of living material. Ultimately,
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the same parts are spared. You will also observe that
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' Now. T apprehend that an apothecary is a person who professes
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The attack is ushered in by rigors, lassitude, headache, thirst, and
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ration in the left costo-vertebral angle is demanded.
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digestion slow and only partial; color in milk, shades of purple according to progress,
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The Four Epochs of Woman's Life : A Study in Hygiene. By Ann4
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heart, of whicli he said ' that it seemed to him as though the
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" With the exception of the above-mentioned parts of the body — namely, the
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Beitr. z. Biol. d. Pflauz., Bre.sl., 1890. v, 245-289, 1 pi.—
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subject. AVe have not been content with gathering that
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ring in the cow and in the horse, are identical in their essence and
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stods, aH of. tiheia har4 dark, and lumpy. The relief to all his
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open the cervical canal by means of a uterine dilator, and the:i, hav-
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own blood, but the pressure of this is increased, as by clamping the aorta.
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size. They also claim that the vocal organs are very similar.
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three months I often give another, shorter course, and so on.
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necessary, and, in the event of failure to accomplish this, esophago-