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Internal Medicine. . JASPER L. MEMORY 'MA ^ Lc^tutr "n MedY^I s, , ^ MC ?r^W MD ' A ^'^\n Clinical
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Case III. Extensive disease of the aortic and mitral valves. Death at the age
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W. M. Graily Hewitt, M.D., Consulting Obstetric Physi-
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countered about two inches from the external orifice.
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valga. Liverpool M.-Chir. J., 1881, i, 187-190.— Reina y
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tery for Diffuse Aneurysm of the External Iliac Artery.—
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Avhich Ave have described. But in one autopsy, on an infant aged 7
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strength, and one will be struck by the rapidity with
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tion made even a year after the first one. Hence it is not well
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forined.] Ibid., 1886, xxv, 6; 22; 51 ; 05; 9,1.— MalH»o-