I would earnestly caution you against attempting to cut auickly for
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such a notable hyperplasia should occur in this region ;
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with a closure <if the fistula until drainage was reestablished.
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A striking instance occurred at Guy's Hospital in 1859, when I was
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iatrogenic ergotism in the catheterization lab, and
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each if necessary. Within from four to seven hours he has given as
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stances, however, immediately concerned in their production, are not
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data in the few cases which are said to haye recovered from tuberculous
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* Kitasato : Zeitschrift f. Hygiene, Bd. iii, p. 404.
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specific virus which is inherited in congenital syphilis? Why
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capability of self-regulation, which, consequent on such, is
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School and the University in securing the fullest service both as a
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the theatre of the Biological Department was crowded to its utmost
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tribution of Different Epidemics, Suitable Sanitary Preventions, &c.
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mity of action among Health officers and Local authorities m y
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would be exactly 200 years. Thus, if in a population of 1000
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uniformity and effect upon a variety of coloured, ve-
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with special reference to the wants of our army surgeons, under the
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counted. Colocynth, 2, was given. The patient died.
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and this fact, one would thiiik, might have read a lesson before
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methylene blue was the pigment in these cases, the urine was
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terminate in a variety of modes ; by exhaustion, by pneumonia, by
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tion of blood, or the effusion of the colouring matter of the blood
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desks. Chorea, and the many other manifestations of neur-
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case the groove was caused by stricture of the cord seems quite