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or diagonal line, or i)resent so many irregularities as to
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passing a tube to the various regions of the abdomen,
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fact that cancers not exposed to septic influences are seldom
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continued transmission from man to man ; and, lastly, that small-pox has
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than any of these workers Koch, in 1883, had recognised
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The passage of a pancreatic calculus through the diverticulum of
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ancient times, and was considered by some to be identical with
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them off, sweeten well, and set aside to cool. When cold
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tinctly seen. Almost immediately they began to fall on the
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wound was sprayed with a 1 to 1000 solution of corrosive mercuric chloride. The
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and perhaps caverns, the superior, the cretaceous and calcareous concre-
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them but could not dislodge them ; the conviction in the mind of Dr
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privies in the corner of each floor. At present some of the
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(5) Amyloid change was not found in any case examined.
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more encouraging. The more malignant type, such as cancer of the
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if the space at our command admits of it, we shall take pleasure in
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changes of colour appear. (See Ecchymosis, ante, p. 388.) The livid cir-
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liowever, that there may be astlienopia, restricted vision,
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gishness of blood-currents. The paper is notable for its orderly arrange-
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dozens of managers labor under unusual difficulties — never
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removal of such an ovary was to be decided on as of value or
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JEtiology. — We have now to consider what is the nature of the malaria
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As we are admirers of Sir W. Fergusson, we are not afraid
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gnosis and Treatment " ; and to this discussion a certain number
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■'-i.- -:i:-t ,,,,;,;;'?,,;■•''';■;''■''■''-■;'■'--'-■'-'-'-—:■
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Naturalists and Physicians, in which he says complimentary
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the most sanitary improvements. Result : 41 schools improved their
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fibula has twice opened, small portions of bone coming away.
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in the left canal the fluid flows away from tjie ampuUa. As the