it is but rarely that even physiology can afford more

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first, almost all nourishment was rejected, but after a

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steadily as I could have wished, which has retarded her improvement.

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seed, and frequently surrounded by a red areola, and

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statement is probably too general, but there is no doubt of the occasional

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its way through the perforation, and in this way the pneumothorax be-

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of four hours, and again after an interval of eight hours, if tne indi-

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Classification as to fitness of fliers for different types of air activities 14, 23

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tice, I shall certainly employ the galvanic current and needle

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flcposit of pigment, or, as people say, they do not become " sunburnt "

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2. Cases were transferred without history charts, or at best

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the bowel out thoroughly, but indiscriminate irrigation in

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21st Jan. — Under chloroform, Mr. Heath made a thorough

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short intervals every two or three hours ; and a dose of castor oil

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The clinical findings in his cases were chiefly loss

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excesses as to indtice mental excitement, in no single case can it be

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and shall be given at least thirty days thereafter to prepare for a hearing ;

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next year is bursting with energy! Ronda Stensland is a

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be thoroughly baffled by the persistence of the disease. In such instances,

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had desquamated, most remarkably so on hands. (Comp. Ber-

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ferred to ligate the internal iliac arteries and also the

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in this country we are yet far from having utilised the powers

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all through the day ; or there may be a slight rise again in the evening,

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electrode, to which the stricture yielded after a few

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visible, especially as a fine mottling, for some days longer. So far as the

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motion to propose relative to any living specimen on the List of

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Heart, Medical Press, Bufl&lo, March z, 1886, p. 234 ; Instantaneous Phott^praphs