tion of an intoxicating substance begins and goes steadily

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absent. The duodenum al.so j^enerally presents no le-

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another very important consideration— the camp situation. If we

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of fifty-two years of age. The general health is good, the

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the cat receiving oil was over 200 gm. lighter than the control cat at

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from its size. A small quadrilateral piece of the an-

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under the care of another physician. lie is a German

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should be looked for repeatedly. Again, the time of its disappearance varies;

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— J. F , aged thirty-six, of Albany, in August, 1869,

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made thirteen deaths occurred, of which six were defi-

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hand, violent purgation is equally to be avoided, since

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from bladders with traumatized mucosa obtained positive results.

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oftentimes as important as that of the professed expert in neurology.

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rhoea since lasl report, for which he has been taking at times tne naphtha mixture,

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In Europe. — A Vienna letter says : " In Kremsier,

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ent footing; but when the physician gives scientific

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the voice of that body, powerful through its numbers

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which have a marked effect in reducing copper test solu-

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County Hospital, and Miss Elinor Grierson has bequeathed

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ber, 1879, Dr. Fkeund gives the results of four more operations undertaken

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Tarsi^ Ophthalmia Tarsi). — Rarely met with in equine

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ping, bhsters, calomel, and other appropriate means, the fever and pul-

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a. d. Univ. Moskau, B. gs. Arb. d. anthrop. Sckt. B. 19.

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are, however, to be less feared in the apyretic subject. Col-

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lege, and the last in this institution. (Five years

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paroxysm of podagra in which he used it, he says, long before

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For clinical purposes urines may be conveniently classed as: (1) Yellow

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It will be necessary at the same time, to strengthen the patient

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holds in solution salts, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbonic acid, along with

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of so very many remedies being highly spoken of might create a

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value depends directly on the angle of obliquity, approaching the long

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We have seen, in our history, states and empires slowly emerging