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" 2. That excision cannot be undertaken without imminent risk

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tion from Legislature at the next meeting of our Provincial

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Pennsylvania; Association of Military Surgeons of the United

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In the wards and out-patient department at Guy's Hospital

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by the sartorius muscle on the outside, the adductor

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extensive areas of necrosis with masses of cocci, ba-

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the less active caustics be employed, as the ; and pulse suddenly stopped. I at once re-

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At certain seasons of the year, when the water in these two rivers is

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Motor vehicle crash (MVC) deaths in Wisconsin have steadily declined

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this point can perhaps be arrived at ; but, by the process of exclu-

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The Nervous System. — The changes here are comparatively slight.

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of a bone, which occurs independently of a traumatic force sufficient

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Nature. — Adhesions of the two pericardial surfaces are results of

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Profession may secure more certain and regular payment for theii

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stab and run," was the height of surgical Thus grouped, these mechanical causes

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bi^t no external mark of violence. The injury was considered to be so

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Dr. E M. Moore, of Monroe County, thought no subject brought

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lymphatic glands, particularly those in the submaxillary region, was

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whole skin is intensely red at the commencement of the distemper; at other