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Three Cases of Syphilis of Special Interest, two of the Soft Palate and one of

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of the cases specific treatment seemed to be successful

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the cremation process can be operated with good sani-

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cians, surgeons, and apothecaries, the first being men

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to read : " It would be clearly unjust to expect the trouble

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coholics, the so-called “chronics.” The physicians may

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of the cases. About half of 207 cases between the ages of twenty

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[)resent in the small lymph-spaces within the connective tissue, or in the

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be capable of, so tospeak, converting the former into a species of ozone.

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These results contradict the opposing views of Gay and Adler, who

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what is known of the pathological appearances of that disease. They

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since then, she has coughed up a little blood. This

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rate of potassium. Its salts are made by passing chlorine through

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and adhesions between the abdominal wall and the cyst have

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statement : " In my opinion, Harvey reasoned falsely from the ex-

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breakfast, in the afternoon she would begin to scratch and rub

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of and facility of access to public establishments for the re-

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Art. 21. Dislocation of the Femur into the Ischiatic Notch — Reduction by

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to be made payable to Dr, G. P. Sylvester, Business Manager, 585 Church St,, Toronto.

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been employed to remove his ccm.plaints ; accordingly, to make

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tive necessity for the only effective agencies, and the

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expedition was sent to India to continue investigations there and they

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quantity, contained albumin. The patient finally admitted that sixteen years pre-

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to the King, was in attendance. The King lingered for ten days before succumbing to his inju-

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Green-heart tree, Nectandra Hodaei (Nat. Ord. Rosaceos).