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Gritti's Amputation with Metallic Suture op the Bones.
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satisfy himself whether they have any definite value or not.
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the race, the group was together indoors for most of the trip,
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3. Kidney (cut surface) + 0.2 cc immune serum + 0.1 1:500,000 dil. culture +
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be mechanical, as in the application of ligatures for the obliteration of
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arthritis followed, and the patient died, becoming violently delirious before
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bloodless, and leaving the testicle and vascular cord untouched
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June 9— Ortho Trauma Update. Spokane. Fri. Contact: U/W.
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the observations of rJeubauer and Frerichs as to its abundant presence with
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close) in 8 ; during the third week in 28 ; during the fourth in 17 ;
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with necrosis, and the teeth fall out. Penetrating the cheek, mor-