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cial conditions of about sixteen months. The fourteenth generation was the
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the shoulder^ and then that of the opposite side fflexion at the elbow
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Industrial Health — V. T. Williams. Kansas City, Chairman
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priate records, by mail or express, to the inspector in charge of a station at which a
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ser\('rs to study the inllueiice of injection of testicular exti'act on the
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at his way of doing it, and on September 23, the eighth day of his
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not weighed, then before it is delivered. Only such animals as the veterinarian shall pro-
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The object of this method is likewise to reduce- the time required
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which the meat has passed after leaving the cooling room. Ceilings, walls, and pillars
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The body Is that of a greatly emaciated young mulatto, 162 cm. In length.
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Mayor Dunne immediately agreed that this was a fair and proper course, and called in
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ture. Another jiortioii of the diL-csteil mixture is then hydrol\zed by
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The most conyincing evidence of the importance of post-mortem
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acteristic capillary bed. It is probable that Luschka's injection mass
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Methods of Diagnosis. By Logan Clendening, M.D., Late
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•Xl.i'l, .1. .1.: Til.' .\l. Il..n Li'ilnrr. >ri. ill. . 1'. I.'.. ^Iii. 1 '• ' . .
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ules were* present on walls of large and small intestine.
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child, is featured at the Merrell booth. This latest Merrell Pediatric Specialty
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or mouth of patients ill with the disease.' All the experiments were
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When we eonio to eonsLh-r the of ereatine and ereatinin..
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Quelques mots sur la variability du baclUe de la tuberculose. Bull, de la
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aneurysm and myocardial insufficiency. At autc^sy there was general
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after the injection and release of the arterial circulation the organ became
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without compensation, but with power to carry into effect the provi-
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Available In l5Vi fl. oz. cans at drug stores everywhere.
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fession and sanitarians demand, and is, perhaps, the most stringent
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tion, well reviewed by Heineke,* and by Delore and Alamartine.*
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Vemon-Cedar 6 Roy W. Pearse Kevada Rolla B. Wray Nevada
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Territories or portions thereof hereinbefore set out in this exception, under certificates
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phoid tumors as well. I do not see any follow-up on
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ticed eye for abnormalities, carefully examining and handling the
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Roche is happy to exhibit at the meeting of the Missouri State Medical Asso-
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It is only necessary to prepare the first solution in the field and
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for a similar period of time last year, or a reduction of 38 per