out polar change. In the left leg the strongest faradaic and gal-
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most of the time. The pigment was found in the rete
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percentage of healthy persons. The majority of the instances
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are of considerable significance and importance for diagnosis. The pulse
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impede the action of the gastric juice upon the mass. Here should end the
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brighter; respiration freer; coughing only in the morning,
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he did not think that Oassarean section would have offered
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ligament was indurated and seemed to be the seat of an old
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tion chart will show that the temperature ranged between 106°
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Bednar's ajihthre, stomatitis catarrhalis, thrush, etc.). Dr.
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trouble is freciuently accompanied by other disturbances on the part
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irregular cones ; rupia eschar otica, when the ulceration is deep and
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Louis since 1900. Died March 14, 1943 at the age of 72.
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Roderick Murchison, who, relying on Moosa's well-earned
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The Biological Cell. An Argument. By L. Harrison Mettler,
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disease, which causes the changes in the stomach ; or
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to twelve. No figures are given as to the value of the
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remained high, the amount of discharge from the wound
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rotomy should be the operation of choice if only a comparatively small and
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any wood yesterday) in large quantity to allow disinfection to be carried out
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