may follow. Leptandrin (dose, gr. j-iij) is said to be mildly
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11.10 Both fairly pale on handling; then right ear fiUs up quite promptly,
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congestive conditions of the kidneys and of the urinary mucous membrane.
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colourless, as in cholera, where indigoferous substances were
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disc, and death from exhaustion. At the autopsy, a large
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recently taken.) It must be acknowledged that it is, upon
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act of respiration. It was obtained from a lad suffering froni
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recognised through the pleura, which is congested, or in some cases per-
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about to be made, to seize the anterior lip of the uterus with a vulsellum,
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1895, iii, no. 14,2-4. — Degle (H.) Ueber die Anwendung
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ical Society should be instructed to draw up a bill for
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a clear appreciation of the position, and promptitude of action,
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in the dispensary, and immediately took him to the ward so that I
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food this day, was some beef tea, and her drinkj some wine and
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General of the Army for an extension of three months.
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modifying activity, precisely as they are influenced by other sti-
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With 86 illustrations and one set of test-types. Pp. 193.
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Announcement* giving detailed information, will be sent npo n ""plication to ROSS V. PATTERSON, M.D., 'ss-Dm
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in this case may, however, have been owing to the fact that
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inflammation, so far from increasing the volume of the parts
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thus singled out the pi'ofession of dentist from among the specialties of surgery,
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and suspension of the uterus would be indicated in this case. I would
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366 Problem for Solution^ by Prof. Cleaveland. [August,
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Meynert's bundle ; q. a. corp. quadrigemina ant. ; p. c. posterior cornu of lateral ventricle ;
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lesions. It has been administered by ingestion, by inhalation, by sub-
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years ago that malaria could be carried in the probos-
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kindly and generous help in scientific work and suggestion given
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rates, the BUI would throw on the common fund the charges
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lead-poisoning. On examining the skin, he was found
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the mortality is as low as we claim, the operation will
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because after standing for a time it becomes precipitated to the
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pate in all the business and the affairs of the Association.
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pital, in March, 1900. In August, 1900, from scar of the
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dark; and it was not until this cruel acourg;^ VvoA w^^:^^
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