Surgeon-Captain E, W. Hore, Bengal Establishment, is appointed to

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deaths were registered in eight of the principal Scotch towns. The annual

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idea that normal urines were not always free from traces of

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delivered by Mr. Thomas Bryant on February 14th next.

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Surgeon-Major G. Lafi AN, M.D.. serving in the Madras Command in

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and other officers. It was decided to hold sports on two

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employers of labour as a rule do all they possibly can in the

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(The importance of continuing education can be noted

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Hospitals, by Mrs. Bedford Fenwick ; Volunteer Nursing

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and calm and loving " among his family, to whom he said

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Branch their action had been in the right direction. — Dr.

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■dance ? The fraction in the latter case bears a larger proportion to its

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Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgeryat St. Mungo's College. Dr.

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—of Dr. Radcliffe Crocker's Diseases of the Skin will he issued'

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Darts of the county. He says to his committee: "As I have frequently

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any which have suggested themselves up to this point.

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October, 1892, that the full extent of her deformity was made

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weather for a whole or part tour of ser'i'ice.— No. -il-i, British Medical

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