accouchees dans la classe ouvriere." These de Paris,
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endocardium are less frequently involved. The amyloid material is
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skeleton, and showing the situation of the internal organs,
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these cases, and I hope that, as this subject falls
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the point where the abscess formed and the recto- vaginal fistula
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tion and fever. If the obstruction should prove perma-
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bichloride gauze. The assistant removed the ligature as re-
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hearts, weighing but 2 oz., and 1 oz. 14 dr. respectively
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advantage, and will run no hazard in indulging too far in such
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well with the rest of the letter. I am not prepared
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deemed advisable that the visual requirements should not be markedly
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hemolysis. If the blood serum of the horse to be tested does not con-
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Most frequently diarrhoea occurred in the course of the dis-
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through the liver, the blood always contained the same
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1446. Laennec has related a most interesting case, among se-
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occur after complete removal of both ovaries. In young animals, after
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July 1859, Dr Bauer, assisted by Dr Marion Sims and Dr Thomas
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hemiplegic for a month, and had passed into a semi-
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means can be satisfactorily applied, but beyond which general
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like Pinard, prefer continuous intrauterine irrigation. But this is almost impos-
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was seldom used, and in very weak solutions when at all. Grad-
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of the medicine. When the bottle was delivered to me on
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M.D.Vic-, D.So.Ix.nd. Fifth Edition, enlarge-l. 2*. W.