doubt, but in order to know whether, during an attack of paroxysmal
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for beer, a solution of caustic potass. The result of this had been
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in a busy laboratory, there should be the Abderhalden's dialyzation method are that
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flammation of the gums was caused by micro-organisms,
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tory, and chiefly in that form accompanying hard drinking,
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the patient did not lose more than about three ounces of blood.
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will weaken the patient, without doing good, if the jaundice depend on a
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ff one sign only, instead of taking these signs in their totality and ordinary
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1885, 8. s.. vii. 231-236. — Fever and its treatment. Ippo-
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of which were pohniorphonuclear leukocytes. No tubercle bacilli
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to the public, even more than to us, and, after a laborious
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until clinical and pathological differentiation is more sharply defined, the
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that is to say, when the maximum secretion occurs much
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lows: Extremities, 53,022; trunk, 7,613; head, face
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opinion on it; sufficient extracts arc before our readers to enable
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4 Law Times,' Sept. 28, 1844 ; also a notice of a treatise on his own case and
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Par., 1890, x, 97-108. Also, Reprint.- GilIor«l (H.) On
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erect and walks about, supporting the body principally
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a dense, firm, fibrous envelope, closely adherent to tlie layer
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results from contagion, but varies from three to seventeen days when it
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these injurious substances, which we know best, are
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bladder to such prolonged contact of instruments. Bigelow cautions to
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of deep p;lvic abscess : one in a child of four years,
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tioned kind are shown by the fact that plumbism is said to have arisen in
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Throat. — More or less chronic pharyngitis was almost constantly
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that in the injured arm the space across the condyles
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attack of pain ensues and it is becoming more .severe, the
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pany, and was afterward connected with the United States Ma-
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voted from the general funds of the College for a marble bust
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loss of heat in the winter of the less genial climates of other coun-
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Sixth day. — Red cells unchanged. White cells show relative predomi-
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where i/q represents the quantity of antitoxin equivalent to an
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mitted that the patient receives better care, and the
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than when stated as a rate of 0.43 per 1,000. Of course, the two ex-
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The bitterness of feeling which exists grows chiefly not out of
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