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mation (see page 208), the disease, if attended to in time, is not

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existing acts relating to vaccination, and the intro-

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danger, and giving the therapeutic treatment greater scope. — British Medical

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strength. The disease may sometimes occur under circumstances

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son of Mr. Edward Neely of this city, born at 5 o'clock, P. M.,

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of the thigh. Lastly, the posterior wall of the coecum and of the as-

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period of life than in cold ones, as in the former it often makes its

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died about twenty hours after the operation. On making a

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rigidity of the spine, preventing him from bending backward. Torus

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rectum by means of the Frank decalcified bone coupler. In

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She would not get on the stretcher, but insisted on walk-

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31. Schwartz R. Hepner S, Ziai M: Incidence of acute rheumatic fever: A

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^Imperial (tcrman Board of Health)'': (1) DiscoHe of slight severity, liniitcd to hmall areas

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in that there did not appear any well-marked pathological reason