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not rare to see, many years later, fresh inflammation fol-
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examined and found to contain mercury. It is probable
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rash appears and that scarlet fever is infectious long after it would
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this substance, as well as of potash, soda and their carbonates, is to change the
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serum, placed for a similar length of time in contact with Microbe G,
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One of the most dangerous accidents which the obstetrician is
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cerebral disease, such as tumour. Of course in many cases, more
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Centralbl. f. Bacteriol. u. Parasitenk., Jena, 1890, vii,
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delphia. Crown octavo, 252 pages, 75 illustrations. Cloth, $1.00
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The progress of the symptoms, says M. Brunon, in the
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purulent effusion in the back is misleading, but the
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be supplied. Subscriptions may begin with any number.
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ability to produce sudden toxic effects, and is especially
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the examination of this part gives negative results.
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in which he produced a high temperature artificially. (4) Pernicious
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those of incomplete paralysis of the whole muscular system;
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suffering from persistent anomalous disturbance within
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young men on entering practice endeavour to impress upon their memory,
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The greatest concentration of cultivable bodies for microscopic
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the body is examined from side to side during a deep inspira-
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but his abdomen was a good deal distended by tympanites.
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erally retain it, when a dose of Laudanum would probably bo
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