In Chlorosis, Dyspepsia, Worms, c&c. — Sydenham.
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usually recovered from, although death may occur during the attack.
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sistence of eosinophilia after operation indicates the existence of a second echino-
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ticed a small amount of blood in the stools. For the
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because of symptoms which are entirely referable to the
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surrounded by a considerable quantity of sero-purulent exudation. The twelfth
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March 20: Bromism developed. Suspend bromides and substitute
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All nephritides manifest themselves in sometimes involving the serous sacs.
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he slept well the whole night, and, though he had but httle appetite
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the curative treatment measures for treatment of an
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and the portion auscultated. A muscle in which there has
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is following the lead taken by several large eastern cities
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Dr. Lack replied that he had not seen thfe patient for two months. His
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more acute the symptoms are, the more hope there is of
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The previous diarrhoea in this case acted as a predisposing
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attacks are not as clearly defined as those of facial neuralgia. The pain,
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effects upon goats of white hellebore, gave to the young
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ing this more recent principle, that it is in the cases with
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distinct forms, to wit, the local and constitutional disease; and
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McFarland reports, during the year 1900, among others,
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yielding of the papilla the veins on its surface are stretched, and at the
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Further, whenever the rima glottidis is narrowed, and incapable of
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autopsy no gross lesion is observable, will be shown to reveal degenerative
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xlvi, 3.53-3.59. Also, trdnal. . Pop Sc. Month,, N. T.,
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iQOgestiQn of the other pelvic organs, or of perimetritia
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But consciousness is only a something superadded —