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Bachelor of Medicine precedes the Doctorate, the writing of
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single worm while examining perhaps fifty specimens.
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11. Wien, 1898-9, xii, 697-701. , Ueber den Bucbner'-
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mation. They are frequently complicated with gastro-
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said, in closing the discussion, were without practical
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and constitutional. The first-named have been already de-
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at first at nights, and later altogether in order t(
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stiff'-bristle hairbrush. If the ulcer was inflamed,
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Lunacy. If we take up the first of these reports, we find
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sober and industrious for many weeks. He was seldom sober more than a week at a
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teriology of urban recruits quite likely is more varied and com-
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secretaries of the committee, is set forth in an inter-
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ure in their transit, that obstructs the passage of the vital mole-
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Deaver removed 30 inches of intestine 5 years ago. The pa-
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Trade, at which the metropohtan authorities and the metro-
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accidents, and more than one death, have already, and
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age holds good for measles as well as for variola, etc., but to a less d^ree.
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the neck occurs. Usually, too, when the medical attendant arrives after
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eases of Children, says it is a rare affection, and
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work within a year or two after he commenced his active practical
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in the uterus or (more commonly) from a living and growing twin, then it
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scattered over the earth, being from them transferred to Felidce and
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sleeping. On letting them in, he stumbled over the body of his wife, who
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pectoris occurred at the same time or might occur alternately with the
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Blindness Following Dental Disbake. — Sirletti (Le
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practical chemistry, $7 ; practical physiology and histology,
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right to vote. Nine of its members shall constitute
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constitutional maladies are reclassified ; diabetes, gout, rickets and scurvy being
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the local there are various systemic symptoms, produced by irritant