liferation, and in the other progressive subacidity due

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Alcohol diminishes the circulation, and its ingestion is fol-

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effective preparation, and this should be injected deeply

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ble course of his disease. *The sulphate of quinine has taught

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the above methods. The results harmonize with the further fact

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death from septicsemia by injecting into the gravid uterus of one rabbit

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motor area in its middle and lower parts clearly shows the almost

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Bhigstocke, Charles Arthur, M.R.C.S., L.S. A.— Medical Officer and

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was in favour of this protraction — one of the witnesses having met with two

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ankylosis. In the months following, while the patient's gene-

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In view of the advisability of producing the proper effect

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flied of broncho-pneumonia, showing this rare secondary affec-

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headache with a good deal of abdominal pain on the right side were

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In health this effect is prevented by automatic stimulation of the

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Transactions. Thus, it is shown that the theory of respirato-


bi-weekly examinations, and six inspectors to exercise

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it is essential that the stools be passed into a warmed bedpan and

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conceive a more useless and tyrannical scheme for compiling

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is often needed, instead of food, where the temperature is high. This

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as a "neurosis." Griesinger energetically contradicted this opinion,

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quently occurs that those who possess it in reality and in fact,

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this reason there is complete absence of any lesion in

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had two fits in the day. Ordered to take strychnine, which

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(G.) Rechter auchylotischer meuschlicher Unterscheii-

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Seventh day. — Eye strong, no more watering nor dis-

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Since, she has been free from pain. After entrance to hospital she

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forming one mass, it was lobulated into four or five parts. One of these

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the extremities, lymphangitis, abscesses, sclerema, intermittent fever,

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sible, move carefully, so as to spread the infection as little as

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lation of a small filter of cotton. I have never had

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fees for Hospital charges and working e.'ipenses, so that about

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slacken his hand, upon which the artery discovered itself by the


heat (which stimulates growth) and interstitial exudation (which supplies nutri-