idiosyncrasy. The question., as to whether the cutaneous hemorrhage is due
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must of course express themselves by prominent impairment of the
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vertigo from that due to errors of refraction in the eye or any
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move all obscurity. One child, who recovered, ejected the false mem
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far as they are useful in meeting certain symptomatic
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say that by the use of the aseptic ligature the opera-
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and atlults. The diagnosis is often obscured by the application of leeches
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teum except in very old-standing cases. The muscles surrounding the
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The rales in pneumonia or the bronchophony are audible at the seat
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there, at least a dozen, who do nothing else but treat venereal disease.
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(and uniformly with success) is that by seton. He passes a single thread of
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tablished, and the " cell theory' of Schwann was recognised.
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are, however, to be less feared in the apyretic subject. Col-
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numerous gradations in severity. During every epidemic, and also of
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course to the blood-serum obtained from another epi-
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instances in which rules of this kind will not be applicable, must not deter us
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she was in bed, which she quit but rarely and with difficulty. The room
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Fi6vre larv6e; fifevre peinicieuse; traitenient de la flf^vre
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Casb 5. — Choreas areolar tissue inflammation and cfysipelasj
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the necessity of utterly destroying every part of the car-
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a small Erlenmeyer flask stoppered with gauze or cotton. If made
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and a school for the sons of medical men. There are
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Of the 7 cases of pericarditis the lungs were inflamed in 4.
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some distance from the aneurysm show no prominent change except
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If the wound becomes infected with pus cocci, inflammation occurs
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secretion of gastric juice, and then details his own
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the plate is positive, by the ordinary rules of the attraction of a positive body
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all-pervading and all- subduing power of the original malady
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generalized. It should be a useful aid to diagnosis in early cases, for I
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distributed. Let us consider measles in the light of
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the formation of a cicatrix (scar tetanus). Among other injuries
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