the wide variations which doubtless exist in different individuals, is as
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pass to the bronchial lymph nodes without leaving any trace of their
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Great Britain, I think, has had one of the largest, if not the larg-
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tumor. (Fig. 3.) Two weeks later, November 15, 1894, Dr. Judson
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great value to early hemorrhage in their prognosis, interpreting it too
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superficial infections, ulcerative stomatitis, osteomyelitis and ar-
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sugar, one of water, and half a cup of vinegar. Boil
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the patients assigned to her or his care, not only for the purpose of
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very much at times, and she still suffered from shakiness and pains at
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tion of gr. i of morphine at the seat of pain should be given. But
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operations are needed, to operate in two sittings rather than to keep the
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measured 19 cm. x 9 cm. x 8.5 cm. Two deep notches were present on
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The red flush of the face is peculiar. Frecjuently it is of well-
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carrier state, the methods for the eradication of this organism from
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split coral fireplace, high ceilings and more, more, more
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to all physicians in the State, rather than only to members of the
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overshadowed by the tyranny of error, expressions of which we shall
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this symptom have been given. By some authorities it is supposed
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rather to prove the inefficiency of this method of prophylaxis due in
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ployment are in classes 3, 4 and 5, and that another 50 per cent, are
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thoroughly sprinkled. Professor von Schrotter calls the sweeping
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water front and the upper part of the city. The place was deemed
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the true phthisiotherapeutist, not only to be to his patient a devoted
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levels below, in whose streets foul and stagnant water was to be found
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tongue instrument, and apply to the tongue, while the operator
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openings may be present, separated by small bridges of skin. These
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classes who can ill afford extensive trips to, or long sojourns in,
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mann's test, but was never detected by Boas's method, though repeatedly
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with an improvement of the local pulmonary condition, is, of course,
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tance from one another, and are then crossed by another series, so
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tliree or four times, and then cha ge to D. Apply the
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velop in patients who remain free from such infection for a period
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in a given case, our present methods of detecting the presence of
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The health authorities there are alive to their responsibilities. But